7G1D stands for 7 Generations 1 Direction. Our Commitment to Continued Quality Improvement is Seven Generations One Direction.

Seven Generations One Direction is asking ourselves how we can do better, and when we do better, asking ourselves again.

NAHCs Executive Level Team recently decided on 7 Core Values to use in this movement toward better overall community health:


The following are the ways in which each department plans on improving

Medical and Dental

• Increased Efficiency, i.e. Online Appointment Setting

• Improved Customer Service

• Increased Specialized Care

• Incorporating Traditional Healing “There are very few things that can be done on an individual level, health care is a team approach, and everyone is part of that.” -Charlene Harrison, MBA, Assistant Executive Officer Dental

• Provide Improved Quality Service

• Create Specialty Services

• Inter-department Collaborations

• Make the community want to Administration

• Make sure the is on the path to creating the future

• Offer tools for staff to provide high quality work

• Make sure NAHC is the top choice for health care

• Sustainability, Efficiency,Transparency “We can be better for our community, serve their needs more effectively, and secure a better future for our patients, community and our staff.” -Meriah Gille, PMS/EHR Manager

Community Wellness Department

• Traditional and Cultural sustainability

• Integrated Systems of Care

• Innovative Media Prevention Strategies

• Policy advocacy Nutrition & Fitness

• Increasing Innovative Methods

• Inter-Department Collaboration

• Community Collaboration

• Incorporating Traditional Forms of Exercise Seven Generations means that we look to our future. We are all in the circle for the creation of our community, moving the goals and wellness of our communities forward. -Martha Martinez, Mental Health Specialist/Cultural Facilitator

Women Infants and Children (WIC)

• Culturally-appropriate Outreach Materials

• Addressing the Needs of a Multi-Ethnic Community

• Inter-Department Communication and Collaboration

• Promoting traditional methods of wellness for mothers, babies