Digital Storytelling


The Native American Health Center (NAHC) began facilitating Digital Storytelling Workshops through the Media Center in May of 2011 after being trained by the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) in Berkeley, CA. NAHC has adopted the techniques used in CDS’s storytelling model and applied Native ceremony, tradition, and wholistic approaches to the process to make Digital Storytelling culturally relevant and competent to our community.

The Native American Health Center is honored to facilitate digital stories with respect and humility for the power creating, telling, and sharing a story holds. Storytelling is a way to share, create community, relate, remember, and heal. NAHC Digital Storytelling is a healing modality, as well as a mode of communication and creative expression; these stories are written and produced by community with staff support. Please listen and watch with respect and attention. If you have any questions about the stories or the storytellers, please contact Parke Ballantine

NAHC Media offers Digital Storytelling Workshops to the community and our partners. Watch a few stories by clicking below:

NAHC Digital Stories

Stories of Healing and Recovery