NAHC Media at the Native American Health Center (NAHC) was created in January 2011 as an in-house marketing and media program to enhance the organization’s branding, campaigns, and outreach, to increase organizational and community visibility, use media as a healing tool and advocacy support.

NAHC Media is currently comprised of:

Garrett Rich, Media Coordinator

NAHC Media’s national and regional media campaigns have increased the visibility of NAHC and helped to define it as a cornerstone of the Bay Area AI/AN community. Techniques used by NAHC Media in Digital Storytelling and Narrative Design workshops have been praised across Indian Country and used as models for other community clinics to engage their patient populations in prevention, outreach, and services. 

Through community partnership NAHC Media has supported NAHC’s mission to improve the health and well-being of AI/AN and area residents. NAHC Media has engaged in direct support and collaboration with many organizations:

The Friendship House Association of American Indians

Intertribal Friendship House

American Indian Child Resource Center

Native Graphics

Scotts Valley Tribal TANF

Washoe TANF

Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits

Indian Health Services

American Public Health Association

Center for Disease Control

American Cancer Society

Lake County Tribal Health Center

Santa Clara Valley Indian Health Center

Northern Ute Tribe

Yurok Nation

East Side Arts Alliance

API Wellness Center

Rainbow Community Collective


Skyline High School

Youth Radio

Oakland Unified School District

“The utilization of [NAHC Media] allows FH to expand our outreach, prevention and treatment services to a broader audience….a strong rapport has been established between [NAHC Media] and FH, thus leading to conveying a successful and powerful message in the Media productions…The ability to produce high quality Media featuring FH staff, youth program participants, clients and community demonstrates an exemplary model of marketing and outreach to potential consumers and funders to both agencies.”

- Orlando Nakai, Executive Director at The Friendship House Association of American Indians Inc

“…I can confidently say that stigma and discrimination associated with events that have the words/wording of HIV and AIDS attached to it are highly attended with people inquiring about when the next event will be…people feel safe and comfortable at our events…Our ability to access an in-house media services allows us to work directly and efficiently with staff members who have made connections with the community built on solid, trusting relationships that make our events more fun, engaging, interactive, and attractive…Our t-shirts with logos and designs made by the [NAHC Media] are highly sought after, people know our brand at local pow wows, and come to expect our media to be of high quality, professional, and representative of our community in the images we use, the language we use, and the community we distribute to.”

- Nazbah Tom, Former Director of HIV at Native American Health Center 

NAHC Media Services

Video Production

• Event Coverage
• Highlights
• Documentary
• Outreach 
• Campaigns 
• DVD Authoring
• Archiving

Graphic Design

• Brochures
• Business Cards
• Flyers, Postcards
• Posters
• Campaigns
• Advertisement

PhotographyEvent Coverage

• Photo Booth
• Video
• AV Support
• Photography

• Design
• Banners/Sliders
• Updates/Maintenance
• Calendar


• Audio Recording
Social Media

• Outreach
• Event Promotion/Creation

• Branding
• Campaigns
• Messaging
• Media Relations
• Networking
Internship Program

• Youth Based
• Job Skill Development

• Digital Storytelling
• Narrative Design 

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