Youth Services

We offer Youth Services in Oakland and San Francisco

For Oakland Call: 510.434.5330

For San Francisco Call: 415.863.2430

Our services include, but aren't limited to:

•    Tribal Athletics- Basketball, soccer, and sports clinics
•    Traditional Arts-contemporary, traditional, and various other arts and crafts
•    Educational Support- tutoring, college visits, workshops
•    Cultural activities and events
•    Gender specific groups- Young Warriors Society and Young Women’s Group
•    Chae-mal Wilderness Program- hiking, camping, kayaking and other
     outdoor activities
•    School based services
•    Family Nights and outings
•    Drop in center- every day after school
•    Case management & referral services
•    Leadership development programs
•    Summer Program
•    Outreach
•    Youth Council
•    Media classes