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  • Healing and Recovery Stories

    These are stories of strength, recovery, resillience, and healing, created by community members. Please honor these stories by listening with respect and attention.

  • NAHCtv

    Videos from NAHCs youtube channel, NAHCtv...

  • NAHC Video Blog

    Keep an eye out for NAHC's video blog, which will feature interviews with Martin Waukazoo (NAHC CEO), Richard Movescamp (Traditional Healer), Martha Martinez (Cultural Facilitator), and other perspectives from our Executive Level Team.

  • NAHC Program Highlights

    These are videos that highlight the diverse, cultural programming the Native American Health Center provides to the community to promote wellness. 

  • NAHC Digital Storytelling

    The Native American Health Center (NAHC) began facilitating Digital Storytelling Workshops through the Media Center in May of 2011 after being trained by the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) in Berkeley, CA. NAHC has adopted the techniques used in CDS’s storytelling model and applied Native ceremony, tradition, and wholistic approaches to the process to make Digital Storytelling culturally relevant and competent to our community.