Native American Health Center Announces New Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anjuli Piya

OAKLAND, CA – Native American Health Center (NAHC) is proud to announce Dr. Anjuli Piya as its new Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Piya brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to healthcare excellence, innovation, and community health to her new role at NAHC.

NAHC’s CEO, Natalie Aguilera, welcomes Dr. Piya to her new role, stating, “Dr. Piya’s exceptional leadership skills, combined with her deep understanding of our community’s healthcare needs, make her the ideal CMO. Her appointment marks a significant step forward in our journey to provide the best possible care to those we serve.”

Starting her medical career as an internist in Nepal, Dr. Piya accumulated extensive experience before moving to the United States in 2008. After completing her residency in Ohio at the Canton Medical Education Foundation, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and served at Kaiser from 2012 to 2020, where she honed her skills and deepened her understanding of patient care. Joining NAHC in 2020, Dr. Piya quickly became an integral part of the team, first as a lead provider in San Francisco, then as Medical Director, and now steps into the role of CMO.

In her new position, Dr. Piya will oversee NAHC’s medical department across our 12 locations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care and fostering collaboration for strategic planning and quality improvement. She will also work closely with NAHC’s Executive Leadership Team to enhance access to healthcare services, improve care quality, and advance the organization towards Patient Centered Medical Home certification and agency accreditation.

“As Chief Medical Officer at NAHC, my vision is to drive a transformative healthcare experience that prioritizes patient-centered care, innovation, and collaboration. I am committed to fostering a culture of excellence within our medical team, ensuring that every member is empowered to deliver the highest standard of care,” said Dr. Piya. “I am excited about the opportunities and challenges that come with this leadership position, and I look forward to making a positive impact on patient care and the overall healthcare environment at NAHC.”

Under Dr. Piya’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, NAHC played a crucial role in community-wide vaccination efforts, demonstrating resilience and dedication to health and safety. Her efforts have significantly contributed to transforming NAHC into a fully staffed and efficient healthcare facility, ready to face current and future challenges.

Dr. Piya also emphasized her personal connection to the communities served by NAHC, stating her commitment to building strong, lasting relationships and promoting better health outcomes for everyone. “As a resident of the community, I am not only a healthcare provider but a neighbor, deeply invested in the well-being of those around me. I believe that understanding and respecting the cultural nuances and diverse experiences within our community is essential for providing effective and empathetic care,” said Dr. Piya.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Dr. Piya enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, reading, and hosting gatherings, reflecting her holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

NAHC looks forward to the continued growth and success under Dr. Piya’s leadership, as it strives to deliver the highest standard of care and improve the health and wellness of everyone in the surrounding communities.

About Native American Health Center: Founded as one of the first Urban Indian health centers in the country, NAHC has grown to be one of the largest. Serving Native Americans and other underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, NAHC offers high-quality medical, dental, behavioral health, and social services, blending health care with traditional Native culture and traditions.

Learn more about NAHC: NativeHealth.org | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn.